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We Happy Trails Outdoor Gear owners, Eddie and Tammy) started our outdoor adventuring like most everybody we know, camping with our parents in the Sierra Nevada Mountains of Northern California. Over our lifetimes, we have camped in all different manners, locations and fashions.  What we have found is that we really like to be prepared for any adventures when we are out in the wilderness. We wanted to build a place where campers and outdoor enthusiast who like to hike, fish, hunt, outdoor cook and be prepared can go to find all of the good stuff they might need.  Over the years, we have found useful, neat gadgets and tools that we want to be able to share with others.  So we have (and will continue) to scour through all a variety of sources to find these and then put them all in one place.  Thus the beginnings of Happy Trails Outdoor Gear Eddie says that “during my 20 year career in the US Navy I learned to be prepared to tough it out when Mother Nature gets in a nasty mood. Living always on the coast affords many opportunities for severe weather so you better be prepared.” We want you to be also, from hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, earthquakes, wildfires, and yes, even the occasional asteroid strikes we want you to have what you need to keep yourselves and your family safe and ready to prevail when disaster strikes.   

Eddie has first-hand experience in natural disasters and what the aftermath conditions are like. “In September of 1989, I was stationed in Charleston, South Carolina, when Hurricane Hugo (Category 4 Storm) chewed a path through South Carolina, right through my house and neighborhood.  Fortunately, my house withstood the onslaught but many in my neighborhood did not. For three weeks, my family and I were left without power (which meant no heat), no stove, no communications (TV oar phone) and no refrigeration. Luckily, we had a radio and batteries to monitor local broadcasts. Cleaning up was done by hand with no power tools and Charleston has lots of trees to knock down. Luckily, we had friends who gathered all our resources and made due.  From that time on, we have always made sure that we had the supplies to endure (and made sure I had enough to share)."

While most of Happy Trails Outdoor Gear is dedicated to the fun of outdoor adventure, part is dedicated to making sure you have what you need to stay alive and are prepared when the unexpected happens, whether it’s in the back country or your backyard. If we don’t have a product you would like to see, please contact us through the website and we will do whatever we can to find it and get it added. Not all manufacturers will accommodate a website like ours but, we will not stop trying. We look forward to hearing from you!